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Feb 13, 2004

        Well. tomorrow is the big one.. VALentinE'S dAY. right.
I havnt updated in a long time. mostly because i have better things to do. but tonite. i'm overtired and home on the computer. such a great friday nite.,.,.,., not really.venting time:
 I applied to VCC today. 80$. thats insane.Cap mailed me stuff too. but i dunno . i'm so scared to not get in that i dont really want to apply. because i'm a big baby ...a whimp in general.since they sent me stuff i mite aswell go for it. I have to work on my ear training and get an etude piece. other than that i think i'm alright.i guess. i hope..
ooo i wish i had a slurpee right know what has a great soundtrack?-shaft.
my mind is wandering off topic. and i still want a slurpee.
so. i'm leaving now. good nite. 


in my music i'm trying to play the truth of what i am. the reason it's so difficult, is that i'm changing all the time.

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Jan 2, 2004
and mozletoV to ya?

  its been a long time since i wrote in here. i've gone snowboarding a few times during the xmas break. and it was soo fun. so people called me a penguin because i slid around so much. i'm getting better. a few days ago i went up to manning and it was awesome.joe is hilarious."shalom and mozletov to ya".."look at these gloves.. i'm hobophoebic". other highlights include me waiting with jen for about three hours on the shadow run for ski patrol. she lost her boots. she wiped out and they fell out. so the whole spend money for a day oof boarding and not board much was really annnoying.but i did a run with joe and then a couple on my own. it was fun. i'm getting pretty good at the not falling thing. i only wish i could carve. right now i'm too scared to carve because i think i'll fall and wipe out. Ahhh . christmas.. i asked for money so that i could get a pre amp or processor for myself. it was SoRt Of pricy. but i needed something. and it works soo well. theres tons on it. it's a behringer bass a line 6 pod. but almost half the price. whatelse...
     after christmas comes the boxing day shopping. which is when i got the v-amp. colin and i went to tom lee for that. and we went to virgin records and just walked around a bit. so busy. so crazy.
       for the last week i've been practically living at King's Kids. I love it there. i love helping out with the kids. For New years jen,robert and I hung out upstairs to get away from the other kids and their little kid new years parties.Robert and i jammed to some stuff .including this worship song of his that sounds really cool. there was lots of worship.very cool.i ended up playing acoustic for a bit too.i can remember chords?SO amazed!we hooked the acoustic up to the v-amp(because it's an all mighty all powerful v-amp for any instrument). it was a pretty fun night. until i woke up around 2 puking. i love the flu. i must have lost a good ten pounds.
  Oh. one more exciting thing before i leave . i'm officially , definately, certainly ......going to haiti in june! I'm so excited. I get to help out at orphanages for two months.And their official language there is french. so it's kinda neat that i can tap into the culture more and get into it more since i can speak it.then i'll come back here in august... and figure out which school to go to in september. or go to australia..settle in for a few months. and go to hillsong college in feb. that would be my dream. it all depends on the money though.
 okay. i'm done for now.ciao.
            realization of today:
            in Tanzania, one in seven children die before the age of five.

Posted at 12:03 pm by muchachabonita
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Dec 7, 2003
the outback

     Dixie gig at the courthouse was so fun. It was my first time playing out and infront of people other than a christmas concert or church and i was a bit nerviosa but thats because i'm a big shy loser.I got home from work. and i'm now alone all night because my parents are out at a christmas party. I've been listening to Hillsong United for 2 hours. it's 11:34.. and i just ordered pizza, then i'm watching standing in  the shadows of motown. that should be good.msn is now open.thats exciting. anything is exciting at 11:39.

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Dec 3, 2003
bah humbug

          I had a great day until someone asked me another one of his stupid rhetorical questions online.If you don't want to talk to me. then leave me alone...thats all i have to say about that.
 People assume too much. Maybe if we took the time to get to know people,we ourselves would be different people. I'm in a weird mood so i'm just going to leave before i ramble.
     -van winder

Posted at 11:59 pm by muchachabonita
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Nov 24, 2003
i love snow

Its sunday nite  ....and WORK SUCKED!!!!
There's a guy who's almost as old as my dad and he asked me out a while ago. I said no becuase thats disgusting. And then the other nite he asked me out for coffee. and tonite he was flirting with me and it's so GROSS!!!! I could cry. I hate working now. He worked in the department next to me so i couldn't avoid him or anything. it was soo bad.he'd always walk by me for no reason and just.. uughhhh. get me out of there .
   It's kinda of depressing too. The only guy to like me in the last 8 months is some old guy who just got a divorce......ouch
   All i want is some funny nice quiet guy who's MY AGE!
To top it all off.My mom is still forgetting normal things and has been in pain all weekend.
 I'm starting to cry.
 i'm going to bed now.


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Nov 23, 2003
on sunday morning

this weekend was great just because it snowed.
as long as i don't have to drive in the snow, i love it.
i just woek up to noticing that my dad ate all the pizza...and that's not cool.Lucky CHarms saved the day.
last nite all the managers were at the christmas party, so those of us who had to work had so much fun. one guy left for an hour and a half to go see a movie.
.... stopped snowing.
 i think i'll bake something today.i'm bored and avoiding history homework.
nothing for blogs lately. I havn't been doing much other than working all weekend.
 FRIDAY nite was fun though. called in sick. jill and I rented bend it like beckham and got the biggest rolo milkshake i have ever seen . it's still sitting in her freezer.And we saw nat at save on too.
Alright. i'm off.

    -hot like dutch    
realization of this sunday morning: i'm home alone all day again. :(

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Nov 20, 2003
royal garden blues

today was so bad. i got to school for early morning bad  with a pouding headache and a sniffy nose. yes. i'm a big baby when i'm sick.then i found out there was an afterschool dixie practise. i forgot about it later that day and was late for it. and i didn't get a ride home after practise so i stayed in the band room alone playing every instrument in that room for almost an hour before walking to a phone in the dark. so my mom was missing for over three hours after school. that was fun. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
          if you go into the band room tomorrow morning and theres a stack of chairs that goes to the top of the ceiling....know that i had nothing to do with it. there's music stands set up all around it. it looks like a
at lunch me and carly played the piano terribly. thats about it.
 jill and i were going to watch bend it like beckam tonite. but i'm staying home and drinking tea and resting. so we'll have to have a winder binder nite tomorrow or something.oh. and i'm moving out of my house for a few days. a break from my mom. it'll be nice. stayin at the vanbinders. great people. i love their cows. and chasing the chickens is fun too.when they pick at your feet you kinda have to run away though. OH. fretless update. it turned out awesome! i love it . it's so different from fretted.and the sound is decent for what i had to work with in the first place. other than the action being a big high it's good. and i made it myself. man i'm hot.

realization of today: when you get johnny cockrane as your're guilty
                                        hint ( micheal jackson ) 

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Nov 19, 2003
drive mix

Today I forgot to bring cookies to school. it was a total loss. i even ran after my mom once she dropped me off. i think i'm getting a cold. my throat hurts. *gag*
  Spanish class had a t.o.c for the next week. which sucks. senora nancy is really awesome.
The Canucks won the game. yeee haw!!Before work i made a primus drive mix. so now i have Laquerhead stuck in my head. Laquerhead knows but one desire!!...anyways... 
.. time to string my fretless. After i eat my mushroom soup. 
    realizations of today: it's raining alot.
our house is going to flood again.
                                   this is not the same red as the first line of red.

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Nov 17, 2003
smell the love

the love of shortbread cookies
  my mom had a bad day. and i was home all day sleeping in and doing late homework. so after bass lessons i made cookies.shortbread are so great. they melt in your mouth.Today i put the last coat of finish on my bass too. so tommorrow i'm going to put some string on it and see how it sounds fretless...kinda scared.
 well. i'm done.
realization of today:peopel can make themselves sound like dolphins

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Nov 14, 2003

  Today was sooo long.   School, then dixie,then work till 9.
 I have no life. too busy making money for college*gag.
  I was going to go to the show at lions hall tonite. but after a week of working and homework ..everything just adds up. and i end up sitting at home in my pj's realaxing and vegging out all night...all weekend. to recoupe.
  hhmmm time to watch a movie..
   realization of today( and a few days ago): caramel marciatos are damn good.

Posted at 11:47 pm by muchachabonita
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